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Best Channels On YouTube In 2020

The biggest one does not always mean the best, and over billions of subscribers does not mean that the channel produces high-quality contents. YouTube has vast types of content, so it is challenging to keep up the content you like. Buy YouTube likes to show your content high for a broad audience and reach your video content famous on YouTube. You don’t even know where you want to begin to get the best materials.

Luckily, we are here to say the exact channels which produce high-quality content. 

Science – Minute Physics:

You need to learn about physics, but you don’t have a long time? Here comes the Minute Physics. It is effortless to understand in short videos. It consists of a seven-minute video that is a long term video in Minute Physics. If you want to know about scientific thoughts, you can go to this channel and stop trying the big bang theories.

Crash Course:

Two siblings Hank and John Green, give short and 40 videos on whatever topics from biology to literature. 

Big Think:

Big Think gives some information about the many topics in science, philosophy, and other fields in short videos. It is a knowledge mountain that consists of points of aliens and also about the tips to boost your mental health.

Arts & Culture – Lessons from the screenplay:

Theories of films can be tough to accept. Lessons from the screenplay give reviews of the many popular movies and also the failed subjects. Subjects vary every time, one video uses Blade runner, and the other videos use The Avenger to examine the four to six narratives. And also, it explores the vital form of filmmaking, which declares when and why using them.

Food & Cooking – Epic Meal Time:

If you need your friends’ help to make pizza in a late-night, you can contact your best cooking friend Epic Meal Time. They give videos about fantastic new dishes every time. And mainly this is for the vegetarians and stomach weak persons. And they clearly show every step of making dishes.

Video Games – Giant Bomb:

It is the best gaming channel on YouTube with amusing characters. They give the rows of different games. They mostly provide reviews about the games and unique features in the sports and also explore the latest trends at present. Nearly half percent of videos are long, so take the time to watch it.


The owner of this channel plays all the games in the imaginable mode. For example – Spider-Man 2 to Flight Control. He used to say “bloody” often when he wanted to jump from a double-decker bus and drink tea in the phone booth. Searching for the videos to watch that he features with his dad – two sounds gives funny imaginable gaming zones, and it is hard to find who is who.

Adventure & Travel – Fun For Louis:

Louis Cole, who is the owner of Fun For Louis, does more within a month than many do in their entire lives. He adds his adventures across the globe; it will make you jealous. He won’t give the travel tips, but he shows the things to add to your list when planning an outing. He always gives unique content in every video that makes the viewers more cheery.