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IGTV For Marketing: 5 Ways To Promote Your Business

There is no hidden secret that video content has become famous and receives tons of engagement on all social media. YouTube is the second largest “search engine” after Google. Facebook, Linked In, Instagram has a tremendous video engagement rate. Instagram TV, IGTV is an excellent chance for your business to be displayed in front of the world in the form of video. Video content is the best for achieving your marketing goals. On the other hand, your existing and potential customers will be more engaged by visual content. You can give extra info about your business through video, which provides additional value to your products. 

If you are using IGTV for your business, just posting regular videos won’t help. Here I come up with a few content ideas to promote your business using the IGTV channel. 

Let’s get started,

Make Use Of Your Old Content 

Did you already create any interesting videos, especially for your company or business?. Or else something like Facebook live posts, YouTube videos, blog videos.

Repost those videos in your IGTV channel, and begin to share them everywhere. Ensure those content are relevant to your audience and business. Keep your center of attention to relevant topics that are suitable for your marketing strategy.  

Construct Exclusive Content Especially For IGTV 

Create exclusive content, imagine which must be found only on your IGTV channel. You can try kinds of content like Q&A sessions, how-to videos, something like that. This kind of content will attract lots of engagement and gain audience attention. If your objective is to generate audience interaction, visit this page, which also helps to bring more engagement. Even you can come up with a series and create a playlist for each one. Once you decide on a topic for your series, stick to that, post weekly or daily. If the audience enjoyed your content, they would start visiting your channel repeatedly and engaging with your content. 

Use Tutorials To Highlight Your Products And Services 

Did you know? Tutorials and how-to-videos acquire bags of engagement and love across all social media. Through this, you can provide lots of useful info and build trust, authenticity. 

In your tutorial content, highlight your company’s services, offers, plans. Showcase your product benefits and give a product demo. Share tips and tricks for your daily life, try to connect your product or services with it. Provide more information about your industry. Educate how to grow in your field. Trust me, those kinds of content will influence your audience to get interested in your products. Don’t forget to share your company updates.

Connect With Your Audience To Develop Your Community 

Interacting with your audience is a great way to build a community for your brand or product. Respond to your audience’s question and interaction with your content. Value your audience timing. When you instantly reply to your audience’s comments or questions, it will develop a further conversation with them. Moreover, it encourages other people to comment on your video. This way, you can build a strong community for your business. 

Try Q&A Sessions 

Q&A helps to know your audience’s mindset and preferences. Make use of question and polls stickers to invite your customers’ questions. Pick a question, which is more interesting and related to your business. Then create videos on those questions. 

Final Words 

Just dive into the IGTV platform, promote your business through videos. It helps to take your marketing strategy to the next level. I think all these tips will assist you in marketing your business on the IGTV channel. Now, you can start your IGTV channel to grow your business. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.