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Instagram is just not for consumer brands, influencers, and travel bloggers. Here is how B2B companies are constructing their own brands on IG. Some say that LinkedIn caters mainly to B2B, IG is best for B2C, Pinterest is best for eCommerce, and Facebook is best for local businesses. By taking benefits of strong social media networks like IG to find a new chance to scale and network your business and increase your brand’s reach. 


  • Download the Instagram application from your Apple app store or Google Play Store
  • Create a free Instagram account, either by signing up through your email or by Facebook account
  • Complete your profile setup
  • A small prompt will display, click on connect to Facebook, select the Facebook page that you would like to connect with Instagram, make it public and then click on the OK button.
  • Fill up the contact information of your business.


Instagram offers a lot of advantages with its amazing features. Here are seven reasons why IG is an amazing social media platform:

  • Building a powerful community¬†
  • Powerful features
  • The purchasing power of Instagram users
  • It makes your brand suitable
  • Increase brand engagement and brand visibility
  • Sy easily on your competitors
  • The vast number of active users

Building a powerful community: Instagram allows you to easily interact and connect with your audiences. 

Powerful features: Instagram business profiles have extra features that Instagram personal profiles do have. Such as the ability to include a call to action, gain access to your insights of Instagram accounts, and promote your posts.

Purchasing powers: more users have used Instagram to purchase products. It tells you that Instagram users have the buyer’s mindset, which makes Instagram a great platform for business. And the main goal of business is to increase profitability and revenue.

Increase the engagement and visibilty of he brand: by posting through time, fans are most likely to interact with your content by sharing, liking, or commenting, leveraging branded hashtags, making use of Instagram stories, you will be able to grow the brand visibility and engagement on Instagram. Buy automatic Instagram likes to increase the engagement rate and increase the visibility of your brand. As a business, best strategies like using affiliates, using influencers, and giveaways have proven to increase your revenue and generate more followers.

A vast number of active users: Instagram is a powerful social media platform for business. Instagram has nearly 500M daily active users. It will help you to attract more customers and promote your business.


  • 66% of the profile visitors are non-followers
  • 65% of the top-performing posts are brand
  • Out of 10, 7 hashtags on Instagram are branded hashtags
  • 69% of the marketers in the US plan to spend their influencer budget on this platform
  • User-generated content has a higher chance of conversion rate (4.5%)
  • more than 200 M users visit at least one business profile on a daily basis
  • The potential advertising reach of Instagram is 849 M users
  • 11% of the US users shop on Instagram
  • 52% of the users on Instagram are women, and 15% of them are between 18 years old and 24 years old
  • 60% of the users say they discover new services and products on the platform
  • 90% of the Instagram users follow a business account
  • The like button of Instagram is used by 4.2 billion times per day
  • 68% of the users become more interested in products or brands after viewing an IG story
  • More than one billion users actively use Instagram on a monthly basis