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6 Important Tips to Enhance Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Without Instagram, social media marketing strategies are incomplete. Nowadays, Instagram is a very important section for all brands, consumers, and advertisers. It has 800 million active users, and a minimum of 500M profiles are active daily. 

If you want to get sales and earn money from Instagram, you should know the basic strategy for Instagram marketing. 

Let’s begin!

1. Increase your Instagram Followers:

The basic steps for improving your marketing is to enhance your followers to your account. Therefore, your brand or business will reach more audiences. 

Without a massive following, you will struggle to get more Instagram impressions in your profile. So, keep increasing your impressions on Instagram, which helps reach your brand to all audiences and drive more sales. Without followers, it’s not easy to generate sales. 

73% of the audience says that they followed the brands on social media websites because they are interested in buying or selling any products. 

2. Frequently Post your Content on Instagram:

If you’re posting any brand-related pictures or videos in your profile with consistency, there is no use. Because the users want consistency, also it’s the primary strategy to stay with your brand. 

Do you want your brand to always be fresh in followers’ minds? Then you should post your content frequently. Simultaneously, posting many more photos or videos than once per day is not good, and we wouldn’t recommend that state. 

According to the research, the topmost brands are posting 1.5 times every day on average. Finally, you have posted 10 to 11 posts once a week on Instagram. 

3. Go Live:

Instagram has massive benefits that are a live broadcast feature. This feature is a good opportunity to connect with you and your audience in real-time. If you have broadcast, they will comment below your live screen. 

Make sure that you need to respond to these comments, and give your best to those users. Finally, it will help to increase your engagement metrics. There are infinite possibilities with your live streams.

Another way to use Instagram’s live story is by working with any other brands. Instagram is one of the best social platforms in terms of brand collaborations across the world. 

4. Add Hashtags to your Posts:

Hashtags are most important to promote your brand on Instagram because it has a lot of different approaches. 

For beginners, you can make a hashtag related to your content or use that already exists. Hence, many audiences can see the hashtag and make it viral. For instance, you will create national content use hashtag #national in your content.  

You can use a hashtag with your brand name and the name of your campaign. Hereby, your brand will show the unique among the audience. 

5. Encourage UGC:

Now you have thought, what is UGC? It means User-Generated content. Naturally, encourage users to post photos and videos via promotions. 

Finally, your brand gets revealed to all the followers who are friends with that common user. This way of content acts as a recommendation, which we discussed as an effective promotional method.

The best way to encourage user-generated content is to feature user photos on your profile. For example, check the Instagram page: Thule.

After seeing this, the post came from one of their followers. While other people see this, they will be encouraged to share it and submit their own photos. 

6. Respond to your Instagram Followers:

After posting a photo or video, you will get more comments from your followers. So, you should give a response to the messages on Instagram. 

Responding directly via comments on your post will create a personal feel about your brand and include a human element, which people appreciate. It shows the value of your customer service. Hereby, you can also increase your sales by communicating with your consumers effectively on Instagram.