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Different ways to create can tackle Instagram stories to promote themselves, make money and increase engagement. Creatives and designers are increasingly using the ephemeral stories feature of Instagram. Instagram stories vanish after twenty-four hours. Creatives and designers use the Instagram stories feature to sell their products, expand their reach, show off another side of their design portfolio, and promote their brand. buy Instagram story views to easily upgrade your brand and businesses.

400M people are using Instagram stories each day. Instagram has one billion users, and 80% of them are at least following one business. 


Companies such as D. Franklin, Lego, and Samsung all report the success from the sponsored Instagram stories. Most of the users use the paid campaigns to promote others and themselves. But necessarily, you do not need to make paid campaigns to get the benefits of stories.


Frequently Instagram adds new features to stories, making survey keys. You can quickly increase the engagement and personality of your stories by using a mixture of the following features. To create a new Instagram story from your main news feed, tap the camera icon in the upper left corner, click on your profile photo, or swipe right. 

Use saved pictures by clicking on them or just scroll to select from the following options:

Hands-free – by just tapping once to take a video.

Rewind – making a  video that plays in a reverse mode ( tap once to record a hands-free video, hold to take a video)

Superzoom –  create a  video that zooms in one particular object with dramatic audio.

Boomerang –  take a break out of photos that create a video in looping format.

Normal – to record a video, hold the button, or take a photo, just tap on the button.

Live: make a live video broadcast for up to sixty seconds.

Music: add a background to your Instagram story.

Type: make typed messages.

With all of the above options, you can use the icon “face” to add fun-faced filters, the icon “flip” to switch from front camera to rear camera. 


Once you have taken a video or photo, add stickers to your story by using the icons in the upper right side corners. The first filter if Face – where you can select a filter for your photos, next is stickers – where you can include your location or add a hashtag to increase the likelihood of other users finding your Instagram story or else select from a range of other Instagram story stickers such as days of the week, a selfie, or emojis. To adjust your sticker when you have chosen, just drag it to the correct positions by using the two fingers to resize or rotate. To draw on your Instagram stories, click on the pen and then experiment with the pen’s colors, effects, and sizes. You can get access to the entire wheel of colors by holding down a shade. Click on your favorite color, and then and hold on to your story to fill the screen with one color.